Mini Plushies

Our 3in plushie designs are cute, unique, quirky, fun and colorful!  Plush toy gifts that will surely make you smile.  These fun little plushies make the perfect unique gift Plush Toy Gift!

These tiny little plush creations are super fun and relatable.  We design our plushies around retro themes that give a nod to the past.

Our fun little music themed plush are the perfect gift for your little music lover, make them smile with one of our cute gifts! The plush music assortment includes a record player turntable plush, vinyl record plush, a retro cassette tape plush, and a classic old school boombox radio plush. Collect them all!

Also fitting into our retro themed plush are our new plushies.  Our retro roller skate plush are the perfect gift for loves roller skating, disco and dancing the night away! The retro video game controller plushie is perfect for gamers who love retro game consoles, with colorful embroidery, it looks just like a retro game controller.

Our dessert themed plush Plush Toy Gifts are the perfect plush toy gift for someone with a sweet tooth! The plush sweet treats assortment includes a blueberry pie plush, colorful unicorn macaron plush, colorful and delicious looking donut plush, and a blue cupcake plush with colorful sprinkles.

All plush come as a plush holiday ornament or as a backpack clip/ key chain plush.  These little plushies make a great plush toy gift or stocking stuffer for anyone truly young at heart!

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  • Blueberry Pie Plushie: Backpack clip

  • Boombox Plushie: Backpack clip

  • Boombox Plushie: Holiday Ornament

  • Colorful Macaron Plushie: Backpack clip

  • Cupcake Plushie: Backpack clip

  • donut backpack clip

    Donut Plushie: Backpack clip

  • Donut Plushie: Holiday Ornament

  • Football Plushie: Backpack clip

  • gamer christmas gift geek gift

    Gamer Plushie: Backpack clip