Large Gradient Blue to Purple Glitter Fairy Wings


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Large Gradient (Blue to Purple) Glitter Wings


Perfect for Halloween, Cosplay & Festivals!


Listing Features:
  • Listing is for ONE set of Large wings.
  • Sized for Adults.
  • Wings are made with 5 shades of blue & 4 shades of purple, creating a beautiful gradient of color with silver glitter strips mixed in!
  • Clear elastic straps measure 21in each.
  • Wire frame keeps wings sturdy & allows you to bend them as needed.
  • Excellent quality. Very durable.
  • Extremely lightweight, good for hours of wear.
  • Handmade in Seattle, WA!


Total wing span: 23in (width)

Total height: 31in



Care instructions:
  • Wipe clean with a damp cloth. Pat dry.
  • Do not put Wings in the dryer!  Do not iron!
  • This item can fold for light periods (packed in luggage for a day or less).
  • If packed away/ stored & bent for long periods of time, it may warp or lose shape.


This item is Handmade in Seattle, WA.

  • All Wings ship FREE ground shipping in the USA!
  • Wings come in a large flat box, I try not to fold them.

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