Any designer can give you a pretty sketch of your product idea but how does it function?

How will it be made?
Was it designed with cost in mind?
Does the design meet safety regulations?

Spirit Halloween Costumes by MJ
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CPK Baby designs by MaterialJill

With 20+ years of design & product development experience, we are here to develop thoughtful, well designed & crafted, safe products that are ready for the mass production.

We’ve worked with various sized companies, from start-ups to high profile corporations, to design & create innovative products. We develop safe, high quality custom soft goods & can work with any budget or price point.

We can create a package that will meet your unique needs, helping with a just portion of your project OR the entire process from design to manufacturing.



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At this time you are welcome to provide more details about your project needs, upload any artwork or sketches, etc.


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– Soft Goods Concepts & Illustrations
– Textile Design & Graphics
– Technical Design: Flats/ CADs


– Custom dye sublimation fabric printing
– Pattern making
– Sewing/ prototype development
– Creating embroidery art & digitized files
– Complete tech packs for factory turnover
– Sourcing (domestic or overseas)
– Project Management & Manufacturing

We have domestic & overseas partners
ready to help with production!
Let’s discuss the options.


“I have been working in the toy industry for 35 years. My experience tells me that high functioning resourceful innovative thinkers and makers are very rare. Jill is one of these motivated talented artists. When you work with her you can trust that your collaboration will be of the highest quality.”

~ Robin K. Smith VP of Design & Toy Mercenary


 “I worked with Jillian for years at Wicked Cool Toys and became one of her customers when she became a small business owner. Jillian is a creative, smart problem solver and a joy to work with.  She understands manufacturing and production methods. We hope to benefit from her design and soft goods expertise for years to come.“

~Carrie Volpone, Sr. Design Manager,  Wicked Cool Toys/ Jazwares


“MaterialJill is essential part for our design process. Banging out proof of concept cut & sew “sketches” that help us to sell in, gain alignment, get costing feedback and more.”

~Jason Arnold, VP of Product Development, Infantino

Will you keep my idea confidential?

We’re not in business to steal your ideas. We’re in business to make your ideas a reality,  to set you up with a well designed & salable product. 

We do ask that ALL potential clients fill out an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) prior to discussing any details with us.  The NDA is designed to protect you and means we can not reproduce your product without your permission.

How much does a prototype cost?

There’s a lot of different factors that determine the cost of a prototype.
Prototype fees begin at $1000.
Additional factors which can increase prototype costs are:
Fabrics, the complexity of the design, fabric printing, embroidery and several rounds of revisions.

How long does it take to receive a prototype?

Lots of different factors determine how long a prototype can take. From the time we start our initial discussion to the completed final prototype you can expect at least a 30 day turnaround.

Additional factors which can increase this timeline:  Fabric printing, embroidery, sourcing fabrics, current schedule, etc.

When we give you your initial quote we will also discuss the timeline & an available start date.

I have approved my final prototype…What’s next?

Your final prototype will be the most professional quality & will be as close to production as we can get. After you receive your final prototype you have some options:

  • Your sample will be ready to show at meetings, to retailers, trade shows, etc.
  • After you receive your final prototype you have the option of moving into production with our help.

If you are ready to move into production, MaterialJill can help you with as much as you need us to.

Does the thought of manufacturing your item stress you out? How many pieces do you need?

To get started, we need is a 50% deposit upfront. We will take care of the rest! Keeping open communication & updates throughout the process we are here to take the “scary” out of manufacturing an item. From tech packs to factory sourcing, to product testing…we got you covered!

Do you offer manufacturing?

MaterialJill does not offer production in house, but can help facilitate production either in the USA or Asia.
Interested in learning about the pros & cons of each? Let’s discuss!

The amount of time & cost of production are based on a number of things.

Factors in determining cost/ timeline include complexity of design, design details, size of your product, how many pieces you want to produce, will the product undergo testing, where you chose to manufacture (domestic or overseas) & your shipping options.

We will work with you to discuss all the variables in developing your unique product & will help you make the right decision for your company. Each will indirectly affect the final cost & timeline. We will provide you will all the tools necessary so you make the best decision for your company & your product, but ultimately you make the decision of what path to take.

Is my product safe?

We design thoughtfully, always with quality & safety in mind. Which means we do take many things into consideration when developing a product, especially if it is a child’s product.

To ensure the products we design & help manufacture are safe, we work with third-party CPSC approved testing facilities to meet or exceed all required ASTM standards.  We are always on top of the many changes to toy safety & retailer’s requirements.

Do you make custom Costumes for individuals?

Yes! We love making your costume dreams come true!

One of a kind Cosplay costumes, Halloween costumes, Mascots- we can do it all! 

Do you also offer packaging design? Branding? Website design? E-commerce set up?

MaterialJill works with an awesome network of Creatives with decades of experience in the Toy & Costume industry!

While we do not offer these services, we do work with industry professionals in various fields & would love to get you connected with them!

Do you do Custom projects outside of Toy & Costume?

YES! If your idea is made of fabric~ it falls under soft goods & we’d love to help!  Email us today!



MaterialJill is a full service soft goods design studio specializing in plush toys & costumes.

We help clients with everything from concept design to prototyping to product development services.