If you have an idea for a soft goods product,

we’d love to bring it to life!

Come with an idea or a napkin sketch & we can make it happen!  

We work with companies of all sizes to develop
innovative products and quality custom soft goods within any budget.

Our goal is to give you a great salable product for success, because when you succeed our small business continues to grow too!

We have a genuine passion & commitment to authenticity, integrity, and excellence in everything we do.


Will my idea stay confidential? 

We’re not about stealing ideas, we’re about making ideas a reality and to set you up for success. We do ask that all potential clients complete an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) prior to discussing any details. The NDA is designed to protect you and means we cannot produce your product without your permission, nor can we discuss your project with anyone without your knowledge.

How much does a prototype cost?

There are a lot of factors that determine the cost of a prototype. Prototype fees typically begin at $1,000. Keep in mind additional factors can increase prototype costs which would be discussed up front.

How long does it take to receive a prototype?

Many items contribute to the overall timing but from the start of initial discussions to a complete final prototype you can expect at least a 30-day turnaround. When the initial quote is given, we will review the full timeline including an available start date.

Do you make custom costumes and mascots? 

Yes! We love making costume dreams come true! We can create one-of-a-kind Cosplay costumes, Halloween costumes, Mascots - we can do it all! 

What if my project is not a toy or costume?

No problem! If your idea is made of fabric it falls under soft goods and we’d love to help. reach out today!

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